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We are direct sellers.

GALLIENUS is not an agency, and does not intermediate between sellers and buyers. Welcome to the website of a Bed-and-breakfast federation, all located in the same area of Rome historical centre.

What about B&B business?

It’s spreading fast and strong in Italy since few years, eating a growing 25% of hotel market. B&Bs offer very interesting prices, wonderful positions in the historical centre, and a very charming and warm experience to clients. That’s why they are a success case in tourism business.

A new opportunity.

B&Bs work with direct clients and through Internet Sellers (e.g. Venere.com, Wotif.com, etc.). No link with classical Tour Operators and Travel Agencies. Reason: B&Bs are too little and have few availability; they are often not enough professional, timely and trustees, to meet TO needs.


Coming from a long experience in professional tourism business, Gallienus' creators have put together B&Bs, town home suites, and holiday houses from the very same area of Rome, choosing them for there reliability, quality, and position. They have been provided with a professional organization, a common reservation centre, and can offer FIT prices to TO, valid for groups also.

Groups in B&B?

Yes, and it works very well. We share clients, dividing groups as if we were one diffuse hotel. Organization, our assistance, and mobile phone technology, allow managing up-to-30-rooms groups this way without troubles. Easy formula, good result.

Customer satisfaction.

Clients find this experience exciting and satisfactory, so deeply different in quality from the old hotel group tourism. They feel more free and autonomous, experiencing the city in a way similar to that of inhabitants.

Price are really convenient.

B&Bs have no personnel to pay for, no deluxe Jacuzzi, plasma TV sets, swimming pool, etc. They only offer a real, fundamental, honest, warm and central-located hospitality. That is what travelers look for. Please feel free to contact us, we’ll be delighted in discussing our product with you, and providing our group and individual FIT rates.